Falkirk Choir – New Sing in the City area

430 members with our band at the Usher Hall, an amazing life changing experience for everyone

430 members with our band at the Usher Hall, an amazing life changing experience for everyone

This week saw the launch of our second choir in Dunfermline but also it was the week that Sing in the City started a choir in a brand new area…. Falkirk!

This will be our 11th choir and take our membership over 600 people. What will these new members get from joining us?
Music, friendship, a new social outlook, a sense of belonging and an opportunity to be a part of something you never imagined possible.

Age is irrelevant and we only ask what your age is so that you can get a cheaper rate if you are over 60.
Our youngest member is 20 and our oldest in his 80’s.

Some come along and give us a try. A trial night is totally free so what do you have to lose?

To join email: hello.singinthecity@choiredinburgh.co.uk OR CALL 0131 552 3149

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Festival Theatre, Usher Hall …. what next?

2016 has been and eventful year.

Friday the 1st of July saw us perform to a sell out show at the Festival Theater with the Aw Blacks and our band. Then on Monday 4th July I watched the Usher Hall sell 80% of our tickets in one day.  We crashed their phones lines apparently, or is that just an urban myth?  I’m told their phone lines crashed as people were desperate to get their hands on tickets for this show. (Friday 25th November 2016).

So sales were clearly not going to be a problem and all attention could firmly focus on getting 450 Sing in the City members on that stage and ready to perform to 2200 people with myself and the band.

Earn the right

Some of the lyrics to our original song Looking at you, looking at me


This is part of lyric taken from one of our original songs written by myself and Annette Hanley.  We wrote it with the Aw Blacks in mind about 2 years ago, originally to try to get them to understand the level of professionalism we were looking for at every show, every event and every performance.

‘Earn the right’…. what does it mean?

To me it means, prepare, practice, perform.  Never take for granted how lucky you are to be standing on any stage singing to an appreciative audience.

Festival Theatre

Our Festival Theater audience during Smile


So now Sing in the City have coaches, musicians and members all working hard to put on our biggest show in our biggest venue yet.  We have 450 members from all backgrounds, all ages all committed to do this and do this well.

I don’t know what this event means to them, I’m hoping they tell me in posts once this is published but I do know it means the world to me.  My first gig was in a bar in Leith called the ‘Dirty Windaes’.  I started to learn my trade in this pub as a 17 year old singer/musician, not even old enough to drink in the bar, never mind play in the bar. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking down on this bar or any other like it that I played in as I loved my job but when I think of the comparison …..                                               The Dirty Windaes to the Usher Hall, I think WOW.

My Dad was a good singer and I always got him up for a song at every gig I did.  He could have had a good living being an entertainer just like me but he was never encouraged to do this.  His generation would have been told, get a job, get a trade.  Although my Mum always encouraged me to not ‘put all my eggs in one basket’, my parents let me follow my dreams and bought me that new guitar for Christmas or the upgraded keyboard for my Birthday.  For that I’m eternally thankful.

Now I am just as thankful to Sing in the City for coming to the Usher Hall with me.  I can see those 2200 audience members sitting down ready for the show in my minds eye. I’m committed to giving them one of the best nights they because they paid good money to come and support us and in return they deserve to see us all at our very best.

I can’t wait to share that stage with you Sing in the City and I look forward to seeing you all there.

Thanks Kirsty :)

There are not many tickets left but feel free to go see if you can grab one of the last 200 http://www.usherhall.co.uk/whats-on/sing-city

What does the Usher Hall mean to you?

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Edinburgh Fringe Busk 2016


Scotland Sings Inspirational People Award


I discovered a few days ago that people had been voting for myself (Kirsty Baird) and Annette Hanley to win the Scotland Sings ‘Inspirational People’ award.

At first I thought the lady on the phone had the wrong number when she called to tell we had won the award but she assured me she hadn’t and explained it to me for a second time.

‘Inspirational’ is a big word.  It’s almost a loaded word.  Your dictionary.com say ‘the definition of inspirational is a person or thing that motivates mentally or emotionally’ The Cambridge dictionary.com says ‘making you feel full of hope or encouraged’

At Sing in the City we feel everyone should have the opportunity to sing, perform, entertain and be entertained.  Friendships should be a something that people can continue making regardless of age.  Confidence is something that everyone can have and a smile is totally free.  If by providing people with a place where they can come and achieve these things, makes us ‘Inspirational’ then so be it but there are a lot of Sing in the City people who I would class as ‘inspirational’ before me.

I actually feel #inspired by the fact people took the time to vote for us.  Annette and I are totally chuffed with our award and it will have pride of place on our Sing in the City website.

Thanks guys

Scotland Sings - Choir Leaders Kirsty Baird and Annette Hanley 0 Scotland Sings - Choir Leaders Kirsty Baird and Annette Hanley 0 Scotland Sings - Choir Leaders Kirsty Baird and Annette Hanley 0


Sing in the City @Raceforlife for @Cr_uk

We pride ourselves on the amount of time we spend taking part in charity or community events. In 5 years we have raised over £22,000 for charity.  This weekend (Sunday 14th June 2015) 50 members that represent 7 of our choirs will be meeting at Arthur Seat in Edinburgh to support Cancer Research and Race for life.  We have raised over £2000 for this event alone and we will be singing, running and walking to do our bit to support those that have been through their journey or about to face it.

Below is an article about a member of Sing in the City VI (Wardie choir).  She will be one of our walkers this weekend.


At some point, everyone will face a battle of some sort.  It could be cancer, it could be a bereavement, it could be depression or it could be many other issues that face us all these days.  One thing is for sure, whether you share your problems or keep them private, Sing in the City will provide you with 2 hours of ‘forget everything’ time.  It’s your time to socialise, to sing, to smile, to laugh, to forget, to remember.

See you on Sunday for twice round Arthur :)

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Choir members supporting the Kilt Walk and Sick Kids Edinburgh

Choir members supporting the Kilt Walk and Sick Kids Edinburgh


Keeping a happy choir

One of the main priorities at Sing in the City in any of the choirs is that we create a ‘safe, warm, welcoming rehearsal space’ I think we manage this very well on the whole but different people will experience their first night and then ongoing membership in different ways.

While sitting waiting for an appointment today, Annette and I overheard the 2 receptionists complaining about other colleagues. They were unhappy at the way these other staff members didn’t do their jobs in what they thought to be the correct manner. I wondered if these 2 receptionists had actually spoke to the other staff members or their employers, or if they were instead just happy to have a wee moan about things to pass the time of day and infact was it more likely the failing was on the part of the 2 receptionists?

I know from experience it’s really easy to fall into negative chat and moan and groan about things that actually don’t even matter but then that becomes habit and you find yourself complaining about everything. A few years ago I made it my plan to call myself on this everytime I thought negatively about something, I would try and change my thoughts to a more positive way of speaking and thinking.

So back to choirs ……
Joining a choir is a positive thing to do and the benefits of singing are endless but is the act of joining enough in itself or is more required?

Does each individual play a part in bringing something to the table?

Saving Edinburgh one song at a time

Saving Edinburgh one song at a time

Making the effort to make new choir friends, join inwith the social side of singing, encourage new people when they join etc, may sound like a simple thing to do but….

What do you do if you are really unconfident and there are 50 people in that room that all look like they know someone and you feel left out?

We are always looking for ways to involve all of Sing in the City in most of what we do. My favourite times are when we are all out and about together on mass which normally means there is a charity involved and coffee or beer afterwards.  Some people may not want to join in and just be happy with the singing, some would love to take part but are too shy.

What are your thoughts?